Those Jeans

So while Laurie and I were out on Saturday doing our girly thing I noticed that my jeans kept falling down. Now I was wearing these: Control High

So I figured that it was do to the material of these, BUT by the time I got to Laurie’s house I couldn’t breath because it was just too tight (I swell as the day goes on) and I ripped them off. Well when I put my jeans back on I was still having the same problem, they were falling down.

When I got home I showed Steve how loose they were and wouldn’t you believe I could take my jeans off WITHOUT HAVING TO UNBUTTON THEM! So I thought to myself “man I’m going to need to buy a belt.” How exciting right!

Today I remembered that I have another pair of jeans that I had attempted to put on a while back and I couldn’t get them buttoned, not even doing the lay on the bed thing. So I decided to give it another try and guess what, go on guess…THEY FIT! And by fit I don’t mean having to shake my ass, jump up and down and lay on the bed 🙂

I’m so over the moon right now. From a size 14 to a size 12!



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