Steampunk Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

We have finally had the opportunity to finish our bathroom project.  I decided to theme it in steampunk which both Steve and I love.

My very first project for our steampunk themed bathroom is this beauty:



First, I want to give credit to as this is the site that I used for my inspiration and parts list for the holder. I took this a step further and added a shelf.

So here is a quick and easy parts list with a visual of how everything fits together. What isn’t on this list is what you will need to mount it to the wall. We used 12 x 1.5in Metallic Steel Flat Head Phillips sheet metal Screws and 10-12 x 1 9/16in DuoPower Contractor Strength Anchors.


So moving on to the shelf. The best part about the shelf is you can make it any way you want. We went with rounding it because I feel like with steampunk it’s all about shapes.

I bought everything from The Home Depot and they did not sell the black pipes, which you can buy online. So after it was all cut out (thanks baby!!), I put it all together and took it out side and panted the wood and the pipes with this:

Here is an example of the difference in color for the pipe after being panted.

I like the darker color but again you can always keep it the way it is. Here it is all painted:

So you might notice that I didn’t paint the part where the toilet paper goes; I did this because I felt like the pant might make it not as smooth as it rolls.

As far as the hole goes my husband said “I used a 3/4 hole bit and then used a standard wood bit to slowly make the hole bigger until I was happy with the results.” So basically you wanna go small and work your way up so the hole fits best.

As far as what I put on the shelf we are a gaming family and love BioShock so I printed out some picture and mod podged them onto the wood.


And that’s it! I absolutely love this and am so happy with it! I also want to state that the toilet paper that is currently hanging is the double roll.


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