30 Day Shred Results

Sorry for the delay of posting my results. We are having some issues with our ISP.  SO….click the link below to see my results. Includes before and after pictures. I lost 8.6 pounds and 17.75 inches all over.

My 30 Day Shred Results

So beginning tomorrow I plain to start Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I will start by doing the kick start week which involves me having to workout in the morning and at night. Yes, you read that right 2 workouts a day but it is ONLY for a week and the workouts are 30 minutes long.

This workout regime is going to be 90 days. So my question for my readers is how would you like for me to update you? I was also “thinking” maybe of doing a video blog is that something that might interest you?

If you could comment here or via Facebook that would be awesome!


  1. Steven Richards

    If they enter their name and email when entering a comment, they can choose to check the boxes for email notifications. Also, you have an RSS feed that works with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office products. And lastly, you have you fan site that all of this goes to. They could simply get notified via Facebook.

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