Saying Goodbye to 2016

While waiting for the ball to drop for 2016 I told myself that 2016 would be my year. My year to really look at myself and make the changes that I needed to get myself back to me. Being a stay at home mom is hard and I felt myself being left behind by the rest of the world because I was so busy taking care of everyone but me. So after many hours on the phone with my insurance company and finally finding a doctor I went and got me some pills because it was clear that I was depressed. The road while on those pills was long and hard. After about 4 months I finally found what worked for me without giving me so many side effects that I was about to give up. It was the best thing I ever could have done for myself and for my family. I, of course, wished I had done it sooner in the year of 2016. 2016 brought about a new me when it came to my mental health.

So much has happened in 2016 that it is too much to even try and write, so instead I made a nice video featuring the family. I hope you all enjoy it.


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