We always wanted children but before we had one we wanted to make sure we got to do what we wanted first. I would never want to bring a baby into the world and end up resenting it because I was still selfish and never got to do my own thing.  We never let the “so when are you going to have kids” question get to us. I never married Steve to have babies; I married him because he was hot. Ok the hot part while true definitely is not the only reason. The quick and dirty of how we met: we met in college while both getting our degrees in Systems Administration. He was the go to guy in ALL classes because he knew everything. So I told him my computer at home wasn’t working and asked him to come over and look at it (there was nothing wrong with it I just wanted him to come over)…and the rest is sex I mean history.

We moved in together after a few months and were married about a year later November 7, 2004. I still remember sitting on his parents couch and telling them we were engaged and the looks on their faces LOL mostly shock. Of course our timing was fast but I think when you know you know. Here we are 7 years later and while it hasn’t always been easy, the good we have far out ways anything hard. I think because we waited to have a baby we really got to know one another and really know that we are meant to be.

Our approach for children was/is if it happens it happens if not then it wasn’t meant to be.

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