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Believe it or not it’s been 4 weeks! I must say it is exactly what I expected; sitting at home watching tv, eating bonbons while Xander runs around naked. Ok so that isn’t true but I’m pretty sure there are a ton of people out there that think that way.

What it is like is, well hard to describe really. Everyday is different. Sometimes, I wake up and get Xander and he is in a great mood and the day seems to fly by. Sometimes, I wake up and Xander is in a great mood and then 10 minutes later, he’s crying and Megabyte has puked on the floor and I have to poop so bad and there is just not time for anything and the day drags on. Mostly though it has been wonderful. I almost always wake up before Xander, since he is such a great sleeper. He goes to bed at 9:00pm and wakes up anywhere between 8:30 and 10:00am. The best part of the day is in the morning, I love going in and getting him. I never let him sleep past 10am so if he is still sleeping I go in and say his name in a whisper and he always smiles…melts my heart.

Xander is on a great schedule which is all thanks to daddy. He wakes up, takes an 8 oz bottle, plays for 2 hours then takes a nap, plays then another 8 oz bottle plays for 2 hours takes a longer nap,then might play and another 8 oz bottle, plays for 2 hours and naps and then it’s 8 oz bottle for bed time. I was giving him solids but I’ve stopped because he became really constipated after I gave him peas, to me that is a sign that while he is ready because his is smart and knows how to eat perhaps his tummy just isn’t ready, so for now it’s just bottles. I give him pear juice everyday in a sippy cup, because it helps with his constipation and he is learning to use a sippy cup.

I definitely do a lot of cleaning.  Well not a lot but I have sometime to keep things clean. It’s really nice to make dinner at night put the left overs away and not really have to worry about the dishes because I can just do them tomorrow, leaving me more time to spend with the family. Plus who the hell wants to do dishes after you’re nice and full, not me.


Xander is 6 months today, which is just crazy! I feel like it was just yesterday he was so little I was afraid to move him because I would break him. He’s got his first tooth coming in on the bottom. Wasn’t aware of it until I was playing with him and put my finger in his month and he bit down OUCH! It’s really sharp too like a needle. I guess the good thing is he took it well since I had no idea but now that I know, I can chock the fussy times on to that.

So far we are working on helping him sit up on his own. If you get him just right he can do it, he can do it on his own when he is on our lap. On the floor is a different story. He tends to want to lean back and then finds that if he does I catch him so then it becomes a fun game.  He is a very smart boy, only cries when he is tired, hungry or has to poop and smiles all the time. He can take his pacifier out of his month and put it back in; of course it’s after he has studied it and chewed on it some first. He has started holding his bottle and takes it out of his month and puts it back in. As for his personality I say he will be the life of the party. He makes me laugh all the time. He is so vocal and when he babbles he KNOWS what he is saying. I don’t really know when you can officially say he has said his first word but he has said dada, and mama, and hi but not like he means it 🙂

Of course it’s not all sunshine and daisies. There are still the times he cries and I don’t know why. It use to be that I could turn to Steve and say do you think I should do this or that? It was nice to get that second opinion, but now I’m on my own. Of course I could call him LOL

So, when Steve came home from work last night I made him dinner and he had a sandwich with soup.  I was sitting next to him on the couch while he ate and I had Xander on my lap. Xander was very interested in watching Steve eat and was getting kind of mad that he wasn’t getting any. Steve offered Xander his sandwich and Xander pulled it towards his mouth and was going to take a big bite!  He got mad when Steve took it away, so Steve offered the bottom crust and Xander bit on it and really liked it. It was really cute, so I’m going to start him back on solids. When we eat he will eat too, that way he won’t feel left out 🙂

Well it’s 12:32pm and this post has taken me two days to do.  I find it funny how I had more time at work LOL.  Xander is ready for a bottle and he waits for no one, so until next time…




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