Pregnancy was agreeable with me I think. I enjoyed being pregnant up until about 30 weeks. I also felt like I was never alone and I’m not going to lie I enjoyed the attention. I loved feeling him inside me and kicking me that was the BEST!

Once I knew I was pregnant, I called and made an appointment with the doc to get confirmation. This was the first time I had ever been to this guy but he got good reviews from the ladies at work and he really is a nice doctor.

Our first ultrasound was very exciting! I thought I was 8 weeks along but the tech told me I was only 6 weeks. Seeing and hearing the heartbeat at 6 weeks was amazing (our ultrasound tech was awesome) and so reassuring.

I’m not going to give a trimester by trimester dialog because honestly other than being very big and my back hurting and my feet hurting nothing big deal happened but there was something’s that I may or may not have shared with others that I will talk about.

At our 18 week ultrasound we found out the sex.We both really wanted a boy and it was!

I started crying when she said so. During this ultrasound the ever observant Steve noticed something that may or may not have been off. So at my next Doc appointment low and behold something was off and it was exactly what Steve noticed. The Doc attempted to explain what Choroid Plexus Cyst was. All I heard was blah blah blah Trisomy 18 and Down syndrome and we really wouldn’t know anything until after 32 weeks. I must say this is the one and only time I felt my Doc really sucked! He did such a crap job of explaining this, he actually handed me a print of from Wikipedia to read to explain it and he was in such a rush that I couldn’t really ask questions. Of course I was crying so hard that he probably wouldn’t have been able to understand them anyway. If you don’t know what Choroid Plexus Cyst is I encourage you to look it up. You too will find out that it isn’t a big deal and that most babies have these and so do some adults. If he had said that first I’m pretty sure I would have been fine. Thanks to Steve the ever optimist kept me sane and I stopped crying by the time we got home.

At out 34 week ultrasound

we found out Xander’s head was growing faster than the rest of this body; yay, yet another thing to have to worry about because again it wasn’t explained to us that this is not unusual. I got over this one quick and didn’t even cry about it…what worried me was that big head of his!

Xander was head down and to me that meant he was really to go but WAIT that’s not always true! So he was head down but he made himself comfortable with his head resting on my left hip.

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