March 7, 2012 How about we have a baby on Sunday?

At 39 week appointment we went to the Doc same routine as the previous appointment except this time I was less than the head of a needle dilated. Doc walks out and I start to cry. Steve tries to console me but I’m so irritated, sad and pissed off all at the same time that I don’t even want to listen. Doc comes back in and reminds me of what a big baby I have inside of me, the fact that I’m full term and baby isn’t getting any smaller. He also says something to me that until he asked I hadn’t really thought about the question “do you really want a 9 maybe 10 pound baby coming out of you”? Now here is where it gets interesting because the Doc was willing to induce me and see how things went but he said that I could end up pushing and pushing and then go into an emergency cesarean, but all I’m really thinking about is what will my vjj look like after this big baby comes (if he does) out of it. There is nothing beautiful about giving birth it’s all sweat, blood, and poop but that can all be cleaned however your parts man that takes time to bounce back. All I could picture was roast beef and that was not a pretty picture…so yeah maybe there is something good about this plan after all.

So the Doc leaves the room so Steve and I can discuss the pros and cons. We go with the cesarean and the Doc comes back in and schedules it for Sunday. Tells us about some number to call and what to do but I’m in complete shock because on Sunday, March 11, 2012 we are going to have a BABY! It’s like all of a sudden so real to me, I’m totally not listening to the Doc at all. So after he explains everything and leaves Steve and I look at one another and said wow, we are going to have a baby on Sunday. I ask him if he was listening to the Doc because I wasn’t and luckily he was.  

The first thing after the Doc appointment we go and get our hair cut and I get my eyebrows waxed, call all family members to let them know what is up, and sit at home and wait.

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