Kiss and Tell

April 22nd was the big day, Xander took his first steps. I got it all on video. It wasn’t a remake video either. I noticed that he was trying to stand up on his own with no assistance from a wall of table so I quickly grabbed my phone thinking “sweet I can get this on video to show Steve”. Once he was up I decided hey why not ask him to walk and holy shit he did. As you can hear from my reaction on the video I was so surprised and yup, I did cry. It was just so amazing and completely unexpected.

Now, here we are today and he just gets up and walks, unless he is in a hurry than he run crawls.  Now if you pick him up by the arms he lifts his legs refusing help of any kind to start the walking. He wants to do it all on his own and when he gets up and falls down he gets so mad but he just keeps trying.

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside on the weekends. It’s great family fun trying to get the backyard in order. I’m proud of myself being 22 weeks pregnant and getting outside picking weeds and helping as much as I can. Yesterday, we cleaned up the pond area and it looks great. I did some work but mostly I watched Steve. He’s like a force of nature and just can go, go,go. I’m always amazed watching him because when I’m tired (regardless of being pregnant or not) and think he should be too I’m wrong.  I see a lot of that in Xander (regardless that he is 13 months old). He too seems to set a goal and stick with it until he does it. Yeah maybe all kids are like that but I don’t think so.

While we are all outside doing stuff Xander is sitting there playing with a stick or in a bucket of water or just watching.


It was really cool to see him crawling through the grass as it just seems like yesterday he could even handle the feel of it on his feet and there he is in a diaper crawling through the jungle. We are so far very luckily that he doesn’t (for now) put everything he finds outside in his month. It’s so nice to not have to constantly watch him to make sure he isn’t eating the stick he is playing with. He even used the stick to dig in the dirt and splash it all over himself and didn’t eat any.

We spent about 4 hours outside and Xander just played with everything and had a great time. I thought for sure he would be tired so when it was time to go in I put him down for a nap but looks like he is now down to one nap a day. He just sat in there and chilled, so Steve went in and got him and it’s like he just woke up and he had the same energy.

I definitely feel like the luckiest women in the world. Not only do I have a child that is just completely awesome but I also have a husband that is just completely wonderful. He works his ass off all week, comes home every night and goes on daddy duty. On the weekends Saturday is my day I’m off mommy duty and daddy is on full time. Steve makes us breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never once has he complained. Sundays are Steve’s day and he can do what he wants but what I see him doing is playing with Xander and spending time with me. He is a great man and I just have to brag because there are not many like that out there.

So as I’m on the phone last night talking to my sister, Steve was sitting next to me on the couch with Xander on his lap. Xander crawls over to me and sits in my lap facing me and kisses me on the mouth like 5 times. I swear my heart melted and I felt like nothing in the world could make me feel the way I did when he did that. Kissing is a new thing for the Xman. It used to be that when we asked for a kiss he would lower his head so you can give me a kiss on his forehead. Then one day Steve asked for a kiss and Xander kissed him on the lips closed mouth and all. Unless you are a parent you have no idea how nice it is to get a “closed mouth kiss” from any child.

I am amazed everyday by the changes in Xander. It has gone by so quick and I feel so grateful that because of Steve I am able to stay home with our son.

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