Hospital Stay

While I’m sure it seems great to have a baby in 45 minutes, it’s a lot to happen in such a short period of time.

Hormones are a bitch and releasing them all at once is something you do when you have a csection. Whereas a natural birth you have all that time for the build up and the protecting that your body gives so it’s not all at once.

After Xander was born and I was all stitched up, I met up with him and Steve in the recovery room. I guess normal recovery takes about an hour but my epidural just didn’t want to wear off that fast and it took a while before I could feel my legs. Xander was next to me but I could hold him because…fuck I don’t remember. I do remember the emotions I felt from not being able to hold it, it was like some sort of slow water tortured! You know the kind you see on movies where they cover the persons head with a cloth and slowly poor water on their face so it is like being drowned!  Then at some point he was placed in my arms and I could touch him and kiss him it was amazing!


At some point I start to feel my legs; now it’s important that I feel them because I have to be able to move my own body from the recovery bed to the bed in my room. So they began to roll me and him to our room. On the way there we were stopped and asked if we wanted to go ahead and get his Hepatitis B vaccine and his first bath so we said yes.

And this is where it all began to go to hell.

I had planned on telling the whole story out but I think I will update this as time goes on, more so because I want to get with Steve for the memories I have forgotten but also because every time I think of it I get really pissed off. So expect this post to be updated this weekend.

March 11, 2012 after Xander’s birth

March 12, 2012:

March 13, 2012:

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