Freedom and Potty

Since Xander is a walking fool now, he is completely unsatisfied with staying in the living room and playing. He walks to the baby gate door and nods his head yes. I say no and he gets mad and it’s an endless cycle until he is completely pissed and crying. I don’t give in so eventually he walks to his toys and finds something to do for less than 5 minutes and we begin again.

Once he is over his tantrum and playing with his toys I will open the door so that he can walk around. Last weekend his world completely was shattered because Steve installed the cabinet door locks so now Xander goes to them and pulls with all his might and when he figures out they will not open he gets mad and walks away. So I’m comfortable with allowing him to walk around the kitchen without having to worry about him getting into something dangerous. He mostly finds some kitchen utensil that he left on the floor and walks back to the baby gate door and sits and plays. It’s all about freedom for him, he still wants to be close but he doesn’t want to be locked away.

So now that he has some freedom in the house it means that when we go to the bathroom he comes too. Now I’m not one of those moms that get upset that their child will not leave them alone to go to the bathroom. It just doesn’t bother me. I go there to get my business done and then I’m out. Having him in the bathroom is very good as I want him to see the potty and become use to the sight and sound of it. When I stand up he looks in and I say “bye bye” and he waves and watches it flush and then helps put the lid down. I also enjoy going into the bathroom and seeing what is new that he has left like this:


While making dinner this is a conversation I heard:

Steve: I’m going potty

Xander: *Running*

Steve: No, buddy you can’t play with that that’s not water

Xander: *little laugh*

Steve: And then you do this but no more than that or you are just playing with it

Xander *crickets*

Steve: Bye bye pee pee

Xander:  *waving good bye*

Steve: and then we put the seat down cause mommy is a girl and she sits and then we put the lid down.

So when Steve comes out I ask him “was he trying to play in your pee stream?” Steve says “yeah.”

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  1. I love reading your blogs 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us it helps me to feel what your going through <3 Xander has been Blessed with an awesome Mommy & Daddy <3 I Love y'all with everything I am <3

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