Steve was told it would be 5 minutes and he would be in with me. I didn’t like that he couldn’t come in with me from the start because I was officially nervous and scared.

So they roll me into the operating room. It was nothing like what you see on TV, it felt too small. So they tell me to just relax as they try to move me from my bed to the table, as they lifted me I thought for sure I was going to be going face first on the floor.

So I’m on the table now in mock Jesus pose, can’t feel my legs and it’s all of a sudden so cold. After the decision was made that I would be having a cesarean I looked it up so I knew what to expect and one of the things was uncontrollable shivering.  So they put the curtain up and in walks Steve and I tell him he could have been a doctor because he looks really good in his scrubs and little cap. He sits next to me and I think we were talking and the Doc says ok we’ve started and the relief I felt was indescribable because in my mind I just knew I would feel the first cut and that it was going to hurt.

It’s really strange to be awake and know they are cutting into your body. At one point I smelled burnt hair and though wow that’s me…burning.

Then all of a sudden I started to feel something and it hurt. “Um, I can feel that” is what I said and the learning guy says “what”? I tell him again “I can feel something”. He asked “is it pressure”? I tell him “no, it feels like a burning, like my skin on the lower left is burning” (it felt like when you were a kid and another kid would give you an Indian burn on your arm). So he pumps me with some more stuff but I can still feel it so he gives me more and then I don’t feel it anymore.

The Doc says ok you’re going to feel some pressure and I feel that and the tugging and pulling…

And then

And then

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