7 Months

Xander turned 7 months yesterday. Time keeps ticking by and he is just growing and becoming smarter and smarter every day.


He is doing GREAT, goes to bed at 8:45-9:00 wakes at 9:00am sometimes a little later. Once he is awake we let him play in his crib for a little bit. Gives us some time to make coffee and anything else we need to do.


Xander has four 8oz bottles throughout the day the schedule is 9:30am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm, and 9:00pm give or take could be 30min earlier or later. Baby food in the afternoon and evening, so far he has had: carrots, squish, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches and apples. He loves all food; I’ve never had to mix fruits with veggies for him to eat. I also give him about 2oz of juice mixed with water in the afternoon and evening. Everything except pears makes him constipated. When we took him in for his 6 month, I told the pediatrician about the solids making him constipated and that I was giving him juice and he nodded so I guess I did well. I guess he forgot to mention at his 4 months that when I started solids constipation would happen…thanks doc!

We have recently introduced Puffs. First try he was a little off put by them; he is use to soft food so the hard texture was very strange to him. I found it really funny that he would pick them up but never tried to put them in his mouth…I mean he puts everything else in his month LOL. So, at first they mostly would just stick to his hands and become mush or he would throw them on the floor and watch Mega-Byte eat them. As time has gone on he seems to like them more and more but I have to put them in his mouth, he gums them just like he has always known how to chew. Today was the big day with puff.

It’s so weird I mean just last night I was letting him play with the puff container and I dumped some out for him to eat and he wouldn’t put them in his month and then today bam he picks them up and eats them AMAZING.


I think we are very lucky parents. Xander plays by himself 98% of the time. He isn’t an attention hog, I can place him on the floor with all his toys and he is good for quite a while. I still get down on the floor with him and try to explain things like Sophie is a giraffe and if you pull on this it make a noise. He loves his ExerSaucer more than before since now he is tall enough to touch the bottom and can bounce up and down (which when he gets going I thank the makers for making it so I need not worry it will fall apart). He chews on all the toys on it and loves to roll the bead thing. He still likes his bouncer seat but I’m pretty sure he is about over the weight limit for it. He now has a bouncer that hangs from the door and he is in love with that, I’m pretty sure I could leave him in it for hours. He seems to love rolling to the travertine and slapping it and licking it LOL, I guess he just likes the way it feels. He loves cords doesn’t matter the color he will bypass everything to get to a cord and pull on it. I let him play with my USB cord and I swear he turned into Steve.


Based on everything I’m reading Xander is reaching his milestones right on time or a head of time. He can sit on his one now and only falls back if he does it not because he doesn’t have control of his body. He can roll like crazy and fast too. He’s not crawling yet but he gets to where he wants to go by rolling. I’m not doing anything to help the crawling come along I figure he will figure it out on his own or just skip it all together and walk. He loves being on his feet and bouncing up and down. I hold him under his arms while he stands and bounces only helping him to balance so he holds he body weight really good. I’m pretty sure he is waving how because when we wave hi to him he moves his arm up and down. I wait until he isn’t already moving his arm and then wave hi to him and then he waves his arm it’s awesome and is actually an advance skill for his age.  I do find it interesting that they say picking things up with thumb-finger (pincer grasp) is an advance skill for an 8 month old since Xander has been doing that for a while now (ha in your face!). He jabbers a lot. He does say dada, mama, and baba not that he knows what they mean. He totally gets when I say “daddy’s home” he gets super excited and sometime screams and looks to the door way for him to walk in.

Well I think I’ve covered it all. I hope to do one of these every month in the same format, of course I’ve gotten off to a late start but better late than never! I’m also going to be putting videos and pictures in my blog posts that will not be going on facebook.

Till next time…

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