4 month Checkup

Xander did pretty well at his 4 month appointment. To start off you go to the scale and take off all his clothes and diaper. Then pick him up so they can reset the scale and place him back; weight 15.7lbs. Then the nurse measures his length; 25in, and then the circumference of his head; 44.5 cm (17in). The head measurement was enough for Xander because this is when he began to cry.

So they take up to our room and I comfort him so he stops crying and we wait. While we wait I put him on the exam table and Steve and I play with him.

The doctor comes in and it’s like Xander knows because he starts to cry again. I get him quiet so we can listen to the doctor tell us Xander is right on track and he lets us know that we can start feeding him some rice cereal and veggies. I don’t tell him that I’ve already let him have a little taste of banana which he loved and a very little taste of apple sauce that daddy gave him. He was surprised when he saw that Xander can down an 8oz bottle.

And this was Xander on the way home from the doctors:

I’m excited about giving him some rice cereal and veggies and at the same time I’m a little apprehensive to do it. I guess it just means he is growing up and it feels like all of a sudden it’s going so fast!

I know these next couple of months Xander is going to change a lot; he already has. Every day it seems he can do something new. He has officially rolled over and decided to do it when both Steve and I were home YAY! Once on his tummy he got a bit mad since, well, he doesn’t really like being on his tummy.

He has really good head control, sits up without falling to the side, of course his isn’t sitting up on his own yet but so long and his back is up against something he is very stable. He has been reaching for stuff that you place in front of him and he now sleeps 9pm to 8am. He is such a great baby! I love all my guys so much.

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