30 Day Shred Day Five


No that is not the same picture as yesterday lol. I wish I could say the workout is get easier but it is still kicking my ass. I did however make it through the first 15 minutes without stopping and since it is only a 30 minute workout that is a big deal.

I’m noticing major changes in my face. My double chin looks to be packing its baggage and heading to the airport. Steve says he is noticing less back fat and a more rounded butt yay!

My only worry right now is my stomach. While there is ab workout in this I’m afraid that I’m not doing what I should be. By this I mean that after you have a baby your abs split and some people it doesn’t go back. It is called transverse abdominals. I highly suggest that if you’ve had a baby you research this. If you don’t do the correct ab workout then you can make it worse and the only way to fix it is surgery. It’s a very big deal that isn’t really talked about.

Tomorrow I will be weighing myself and doing my measurements.

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