30 Day Shred Day Eight



Well day eight is gone to the wind! It’s never easy but I never dread doing it. Since it is only 30 minutes. I remember doing P90x and just dreading when it was time to do it because it lasted FOREVER sure it was hard but 90 minutes was crazy! 30 minutes I can definitely do.

This picture you can actually see my hear rate monitor which is pretty cool. I use this to tell me approximately how many calories I have burned. Of course there is much debate as to using HRM and calories. For some reason people feel that nutrition facts are completely right so you always know the calories you’re taking in but they say everyone always overestimates the calories burned. I says nothing is ever completely right so I probably take off about 20-30 calories burned and I never eat back the calories I’ve burned so regardless I’m pretty safe.



Can’t wait for Sunday so I can see my 10 day results. I feel like this has been really helping and the fact that I’ve, yes ME have stuck to this workout this long says a lot about it.

I’ve also realised that I could never be a member of a workout video; not because I couldn’t do it but because when I’m working out I fart A LOT!


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