30 Day Shred Day 30


I DID IT! I’m officially shredded! 30 days and not a single day missed. There were days I wanted to not workout but I did it anyway. There were days I wanted to just pig out but I didn’t.

In the beginning the hardest part was being hungry but my body grew use to eating the calories it needed and not me just eating to eat.

I totally recommend that if you are wanting to start working out to always keep in mind that you don’t need to start off so hard that you give up. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do 90 minute workouts nor would I drive my ass to a gym. I even have Turbo Fire but HITT just isn’t for me it’s too long and too intense and I know I would have given up. A little bit a day goes along way. 30 Day Shred is ONLY 20 minute workouts and you can clearly see my results.

I will be posting my final results tomorrow, along with before and after pictures. I will also be telling you about what I plan to do next and looking for some input from my readers.

Thank you to all those out there that have given such encouragement and have helped me keep going.

I also want to thank my wonderful husband for being supportive of me and loving me unconditionally regardless of my weight. I love you Steve.


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