3 months and life

This time last year…I was 3 weeks pregnant.

15w 1d

Close up

I’ve been amazed everyday with Xander. He will do something I’ve never seen and I hit Steve and say look look. I was so excited when he was playing in his jungle gym (what we can the activity gym) and he grabbed his foot.

He hasn’t rolled over yet but he is so close. As much as I want him too is just as much as I don’t because I know what that means. Right now it has been nice to set him on the couch and go and grab something that was forgotten, or put him in his jungle gym and make dinner but that will all be done with once he starts to roll. The way he kicks in the bouncy seat I just know once he can be mobile he will be GONE!

For the most part he has mastered the fine art of sucking his thumb on both hands but it seems he prefers his left thumb, and he loves his right fist LOL. He has started to really talk, you know baby talk not like real words. He knows what he is saying and I LOVE his facial expressions when he does it. Breastfeeding has become more interesting as he kind of hums while he eats or just stops eating all together so that he can turn his head and talk or suck his thumb. My favorite thing right now is the fact that he really likes to look at things while he is upside down. For instance his jungle gym is on the floor by the TV, well he will stop playing and tilt his head back and watch tv.

15w 1d

Watching TV

Or he will stop eating and tilt his head back and start to talk to daddy.

As of right now (I hate to say this because I feel like if I say it out loud all of a sudden it will stop happening) he is sleeping for no less than 8 hours. Really it is more like 11 hours because he will fall asleep from playing around 8:30pm-9 but we put him in his swing and then around 10:30 take him to his room put on his pjs, change his diaper and then nurse to sleep. Last night was interesting, I nursed him to sleep and placed him ever so gently in his crib and he wakes up like he was never asleep and begins to talk. So I shut the door and run out LOL. He talked for about 10 minutes and then fell asleep. It’s really nice that he is a content baby and can self soothe very well. 

Asleep at 11:30pm up at 4:00am and he is still asleep at 10:48am.

So last weekend was Steve’s birthday and what I got him was a trip to see his friend Anthony in Georgia. It was a surprise in which I barrowed a trailer from a guy at work so Steve could bring his motorcycle, I printed out the directions to Anthony’s and pulled the trailer home. I had asked him to meet me outside and when he saw the trailer I could tell he wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. I gave him the directions to Anthony’s and said happy birthday. The first words out of his month were “are you sure?”

I asked my mom in-law Joni to come stay with me while he was gone so I wouldn’t be alone and she did. It was a lot of fun, I’m one of the lucky women who get along with her mom in-law and I’ve got two and love them both dearly. Joni and I just chilled with Xander. He seemed to love spending time with his grandma and it was great for me too. We didn’t get to braid each other’s hair like we planned but we did watch the show monster in-law together which was really funny! We also watched the Gray; good movie with a dumb ending that Joni couldn’t have just told me but no she made me sit through the credits so I could watch a 10 second clip LOL.

When Steve got home we said our goodbyes to Joni and I got to hear about all his fun in Georgia. Of course had I been with him and what happen happened while I was there I probably would have some bumps and bruises from kicking some asses. But hey to each their own. I missed him a lot. For most people they are happy to get some weekends away from their significant other but I happen to enjoy Steve’s company. We seem to always have something to talk about.

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